Let's make one thing clear from the start - there aren't many guitarists out there who can match Keith L. Cooper's chops. Able to pick with blistering speed, laying down layers of sound with his simple six-string, the Dallas-based Mr. Cooper can keep up with anyone.

— The Dallas Morning News

Cooper is one musician who'll be hard to forget. His mastery of the guitar is shown as he delivers unique stylizations to songs.

— Topeka Capitol-Journal

I was blown away by Keith! His gift of playing the guitar, and I mean the WHOLE guitar, is only surpassed by his Love for God, and both are like a bright light shining through him. Listen to his music and be blessed, spend time with him and be better.

— Shaun Rabb FOX NEWS

Thank you for the fantastic job you did our services this past Sunday. Your inspired music touched so many lives as evidenced by the sustained applause from our congregation.

— Dr. Robert Jeffress, Pastor of First Baptist Church Dallas

It is a rare talent to take a piece of hand carved wood and six strings and create such a lush, full sound.

— Congressman Reid Ribble, WI, Reel Loud Records President

To hear Keith is absolutely sensational! You will hear what I consider one of the experts when it comes to technique.

— Dino, America’s Christian Pianist

I am confident that everyone who has the opportunity to experience Keith Cooper in concert, worship, or classroom will come away with a song in their heart and a smile on their face. He is a breath of fresh air and your institution or church will want to have him back again and again.

— Dr. Kenneth J. Gabrielse, DMA Chairman, New Orleans Theological S

No doubt, Keith Cooper is one of the finest guitarists in the world. Keith is more than a musician. He is a man seeking after the heart of God. You can almost tangibly smell the offering Keith is making to the Lord as he plays his guitar and leads people in worship.

— Bob Headley, Director of Worship & Media Arts Maranatha

I can't believe that he is such a great player! What mastery of the instrument and such perfect tone, flawless technique and melody.

— Todd Hooper, Brentwood Benson Music Publishing

A very talented gentlemen who plays the guitar like nobody's business. He definitely has the hand of God on his gift.

— Babbie Mason
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