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Your Guide to Building Your Own Altar

This guide is purposed to help you get the support you require for your own spiritual experience. Here, whether you are a seasoned witch or a beginner you get some nuggets of tips that will help you learn a new trick here and there when it comes to the need to practice witchcraft and magic.

For the beginner, one thing that needs to be known in so far as the practice of magic goes and the need to discover as much in what lies in energy and developing clairsentience, one thing that should come to mind first is the need to create your own altar. And as far as altars go, these are basically those scared spaces which often are too personal. They can assume any form as you can leave them open spaces out in the open while for some they are often spaces that are shielded from the public eyes. Besides this, talking of the size of the altar space, you need to know that there are variations to the elaborate nature of the altar set up as there will be those who will do well with such elaborate setups as far as the size of the altar goes while for others, these will do in just as simple a display as their space would allow for. This be as it may and for whichever approach it is that you elect to go by, the one thing that you need to appreciate when it comes to altar setups is that this space is all about you and the needs that you happen to have for the practice of voodoo or magic. Generally, this makes it a point to make sure that when setting up your altar you make it as personal as you may intend to so as to make it enhance your practice and not make you feel like it is yet another thing that you have to take care of. So, what are altars for at the end of the day?

Talking of the purposes of altars, you need to know of the fact that they serve a lot of varied purposes. In so far as the use and the purposes of altars go, one you need to know that there are those who use the altars as spaces for them to show reverence to their deities. There are as well some who want to commune and connect with their long departed relatives and as such the altars will be their spaces for them to commune and connect with the departed spirits. At times, you may even use the altars for both purposes of connecting and communing with the ancestors and as well for honoring your choice deity and all the same, you may use it for neither of the two anyway.

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