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Veteran, Author, Father, CEO, Pilot, Public Speaker, and volunteer.

Let’s work together and find a purpose higher than self.

Stop letting the worries of tomorrow take away the happiness of today.

“Those who matter don’t mind and those that mind, don’t matter.” Dr Seuss

Embrace who you are!

Embracing this wisdom, I strive to make everyday count.

My journey has taken me from the tranquil lakes of Alaska to the majestic mountains of Colorado. Each experience has taught me something valuable, and now, I want to pass those lessons on to you. Here, I’ll encourage you to step out of the daily grind, chase what truly fulfills you, and appreciate the simple joys of life.

Join me and discover how embracing your true self can transform everyday life into something extraordinary.

Discover the innovator within

To me, innovation isn’t just about groundbreaking ideas in aerospace—it’s about rethinking the everyday. It’s finding fresh approaches in our relationships, our business strategies, and even our personal challenges.

Embracing innovation means committing to plan A so completely that plan B becomes unnecessary. Life’s too short to waste time on things that don’t make us happy.

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Meet Keith L Cooper

Keith L. Cooper

From rigorous military training to strategic aerospace solutions, Keith L. Cooper’s career is a testament to leadership under pressure. With 26 years of distinguished service in the military, including roles that shaped him at West Point, Keith earned accolades like the Distinguished Service Medal and the Bronze Star for his exemplary service.

Transitioning from military to civilian life didn’t mean stepping back from challenges; it opened new avenues for impact. As the founder of One Core Consultants, Keith applies his experience to innovative practices in the aerospace and defense sectors.

Keith is also an avid learner, traveler, and volunteer. Notably, to date he has piloted over eighty-five missions for cancer patients and rescued over a hundred animals, flying them to safer environments. As a lifelong learner and traveler, he continually seeks out opportunities to absorb new cultures and knowledge.

In addition to his professional and philanthropic endeavors, Keith is a dedicated father to three wonderful children.

Keith L. Cooper

The Journey Is The Reward Keith’s path from mind to heart

Today, Keith believes being kind outweighs being right. His writings on race, love, faith, and nature in his book Taking the Mask Off represent this shift. A shift by making the longest journey one can imagine: the 18 inches from one’s mind to their heart. You’ll find this same resolve and insight in his upcoming fiction novel, The Sixteenth Republic, which tells a story about overlooked heroes who end up saving the day.

Taking the Mask Off channels a powerful message that Mother Teresa left us: “We tend to draw the circle of our family too small.” Keith extends this circle to include you. It’s time we set aside judgments and collaborate to learn from one another, growing stronger together.

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