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Veteran, Author, Father, CEO, Pilot, Public Speaker, and volunteer.

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“Those who matter don’t mind and those that mind, don’t matter.” Dr Seuss

Keith L Cooper

My name is Keith and I started this page because I want to talk about my passion, innovation, personal and professional. From how I live my life, to my work, to my volunteering efforts, to my passion for writing, innovation is the common denominator in my life. It’s not about being different, it’s about being who you are and accepting it, not seeing yourself through the eyes of others, but through your own eyes, and pursuing your beliefs without hesitation. Each of us has it in us, it just needs to come out. I think my writings will take you out of your shell and my coaching will make you better and get you over that plateau of consistency. Together, we can show the world, that the underdog does win, being vulnerable does work, ego is not always necessary and positive change is possible for all of us as we venture along on our journey through life. I just want to share how we can all make the world a better place regardless of who we are, where we are, or what we have.
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Meet Keith L Cooper

Keith L. Cooper

Keith L. Cooper is a native of Anchorage, Alaska. After graduating from West Point, he served in the Army Infantry for 26 years where he commanded from platoon to brigade level receiving the Distinguished Service Medal, Bronze Star, and three-time recipient of the Legion of Merit. Following Keith’s military career, he went to work in the aerospace and defense sectors, working for three large defense companies before starting his own company, One Core Consultants.

Keith’s interests revolve around learning, traveling, hiking, volunteering, and writing. He has flown over eighty-five missions in support of those needing cancer treatment. He is also an animal lover and has personally flown over a hundred animals from shelters to foster and permanent homes. He recently completed the Camino Frances pilgrimage, a 500 mile walk from France across the Pyrenees to Santiago, Spain. He is the father of three wonderful kids and splits his time between Alaska and Colorado.

Keith L. Cooper

The Journey Is The Reward

Keith is on a journey from mind to heart, as he describes it, the longest eighteen inches in the world. A person who now believes it’s more important to be kind than right. You see this transition in his writings about race, love, God, and nature in his book Taking the Mask Off. You will see the same determination and focus in his upcoming fiction novel about a Russian attack on Alaska, The Sixteenth Republic, coming out late this year, in which he focuses on those whose kindness put them in second place in our society, only to be the ones in the end who save civilization.

Taking the Mask Off follows the footsteps of the belief Mother Teresa ingrained in all of us: “We tend to draw the circle of our family too small.” Keith has opened his family to you. Let’s stop judging and work together to learn from one another so we can all get better.

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